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Shaffer Watch D.O.G.S. (Dads of Great Students) are dads of our students who sign up for shifts to walk the halls, talk to kids, and serve as positive role models. In actively engaging students at school, these dads inspire our kids, enhance the school environment, and reduce bullying. This is a fabulous way for dads to get involved with their child’s school! Watch D.O.G.S. is a national movement to get dads more involved as positive male role models and enhance school security.


Who are Watch D.O.G.S.?

Fathers, step-fathers, uncles, grandfathers, and other father figures who can volunteer to serve for one day or a half-day at school.


What do Watch D.O.G.S. do?

Here you will find information helpful in explaining what Watch DOGS do at Shaffer.  All of these documents are located in the Shaffer office at the Watch DOGS desk in a binder for easy reference while you are there.  

Watch DOGS Training Guide

Watch DOGS Daily Schedule

Watch DOGS Responsibility Pledge

Watch DOGS Tips

Shaffer Volunteer Confidentiality Form

Parking Lot Procedures

Parking Lot Map

Do I get a cool t-shirt?

Yes!  You get to keep it.  Feel free to wear it to Shaffer events to promote our program!


Where can I see some Photos?



Where can I get more information on the national WATCH D.O.G.S. program?

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