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Oral Interpretation is an enrichment activity whereby students learn and refine public speaking skills by selecting a poem, book excerpt, song, short story or other written piece (even the student's own work) which will be read in public. Participants are coached and encouraged to become confident, dynamic, and effective public speakers.

Oral Interpretation Festival is an enrichment activity where students Kindergarten through 5th grade celebrate literature and practice in public speaking through performance and communication skills. 


  -Students will perform their chosen piece at Shaffer in the gym on date TBA. 

  -Area festival will be TBA. 




• Help your child choose and memorize a poem or short piece of prose.

• Help your child practice before a mirror, before people, and alone.

• Remind your child of appropriate audience behavior.



• The students will participate in clusters at grade levels K/1/2, 3/4, 5.

• Students may present as individuals or groups. A group should be no larger than 10


• The memorized selection should not exceed five minutes (there is no minimum).

• Selection of quality literature is encouraged.

• Simple costumes or props, which enhance the presentation, are acceptable but not

   mandatory; however, elaborate costumes or props are STRONGLY DISCOURAGED.

Literary Selections:

Virtually all types of literature can be used; some examples are a poem, speech, monologue, excerpts from books or plays, song lyrics or write your own piece! Look for a short, strong story or passage.  It can be a piece of larger work, as long as it can stand alone as a complete story to the audience. 


Each participate does their best to memorize the piece of literature they selected then recites it on stage for an audience.


Students may present as individuals or groups.  Groups may have up to 5 maximum students.  Groups will perform with the HIGHEST grade level involved.  Example: If your group has a kindergarten and 3rd grader in it, the group will perform with the 3rd grade level.


The performance is not to exceed 5 minutes. There is no minimum.


Students participate in grade level clusters:

            Kindergarten & 1st grade

            2nd and 3rd grade

            4th and 5th grade


The goal of the competition is to encourage the participant’s exploration of literary selections, and enhance the student’s public speaking skills through performance.   Participating in the competition is highly encouraged but not mandatory.


Participating in the competition: Each grade level cluster is awarded a first, second and third places.  All competing students will receive feed back on their performance and have the     opportunity to possibly move forward in competing against other schools in the Area Oral   Interpretation Festival.

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